Elite Athletes featured at the Pole Vaulting Championships July 24, 2015


This years’ North American Pole Vaulting Association Championships will be held on Friday, July 24th from 5:30pm to 10pm during the Friday Night Farmers Market. This event stars several incredibly talented athletes from different teams around the United States, including: Team Hanford, Team Clovis, Team Reno, Team Phoenix, Team Sacramento, Team Provo and Team Los Angeles.

Team Hanford includes All-American Dylan Duvio from Stanford University and All-American, 2014 NAPVA Champion Katie Negeotte from Ashland University. Team Reno has All-American, 2014 NAPVA Champion Mike Arnold from Idaho State. Team Sacramento is represented by 4-time NCAA All-American Brysun Stately from USC. Team Provo/Utah consists of two BYU athletes; Taiwan International Open Champion Victor Weirich & NCAA All-American Anginae Monteverde. Team Los Angeles is made up of NCAA All-American/PAC-10 Champion Mike Woespe from UCLA.

Anginae Monteverde, from Team Provo/Utah, is a junior at Brigham Young University and her hometown is none other than Clovis, California. Before BYU, Anginae attended Clovis West High School where her personal best pole vault was 13’5.75”, where she continues to hold the school record. Now her personal best pole vault is 14’1.5” and she was given All-American status as well as placing 1st in 5 different events this year alone.

Mike Woespe, of Team Los Angeles, is from Tustin, California and is currently a senior at UCLA. Mike’s personal best is 18’5.25” and it’s not hard to imagine why he is such a successful athlete. He has an extensive history of pole vaulting within his family and his father, brother and sister were/are all pole vaulters. Before UCLA he attended Mater Dei High School where he suffered a hamstring injury in April of his senior year and could not complete the season. He is now, obviously, fully recovered and striving for the best during his final season.

This years’ NAPVA Championships are sure to be another one for the record books! We’ll see you out there Friday night, July 24th!

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