2015 Spring Wine Walk Recap

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Great times were had at the 2015 Spring Wine Walk. From a huge variety of wine to food sampling to the abundant laughter- we’d say it was a grand success! Putting an event together and making sure it has all the things people need to have a good time is one thing, but being involved as it all falls into place is a another thing entirely. People tasted, savored, and discussed wines, ate some great food (whether sampling or at one of the many restaurants in Old Town), strolled around the streets of Old Town, and shopped in the participating Old Town Clovis stores. All in all, it was yet another Wine Walk for the books. If you’re feeling down because you missed out on this Wine Walk or you did attend but you’re missing it already; fret not! The 2015 Fall Wine Walk is but a few months away… we’ll see you on October 3, 2015.

3 thoughts on “2015 Spring Wine Walk Recap

  1. We would like to have an information booth at the October Wine Walk event. How do we go about signing up?

    1. Hello, the only way we could offer you a booth space at the Wine Walk would be if you were a sponsor. Sponsorships are $1,000 and up. Let us know if you are interested.

      Thank you

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