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Getting a website for your business doesn’t have to be a chore for small business owners or involve expensive purchase or be a time consuming process. It can be simple to have a great looking website that presents your business professionally and be found through all the major search engines. Two of our BOOT members recently used Uhuru Network to design their website. Uhuru Network designed our OldTownClovis.org website and we were excited to recommend their services to our members at an Old Town discount.

The two members were Victoria Rose Restaurant and Old Town Saloon. Each website had was unique to their business. Victoria Rose offers several services beyond lunch and dinner including both full tea service and coffee. The visual atmosphere of the Victoria Rose and the wonderful food provided an opportunity to build a site around great photography. As you can see throughout the site, there are stunning images of both the food and the restaurant, including a spectacular 360 tour – all provided by Uhuru Network – that really give you a glimpse into the restaurant. The website even included a blog where Chef Nathan Copeland shares his culinary creations and provides recipes to some of his restaurant’s most popular items.

For Old Town Saloon, owner Larry Baumeister wanted to be found online and have a method for communicating his specials and events to those that were interested. Uhuru Network created a sleek website that made it quick and easy to find the latest drink specials and find events at the Saloon. Once again you see high quality photography through the site to really provide a sense of the bar atmosphere. Uhuru Network believes strongly in not only making a quality website, but including as many quality visual elements as possible. Old Town Saloon is also extremely search engine friendly as is consistently one of the top ranking bar establishments in Clovis!

We encourage all of our members to have the opportunity to work with Uhuru Network. They are extremely enlightening and always fun to work with and always provide a stunning product. We couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for us!

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