Antiques Fair

Spring/Fall 2011

The Antique & Collectible Fair is one of our signature events. It takes place twice a year on the last Sunday of March and September. About 80 dealers sell their items on the streets of OTC and buyers come from all over to pick up bargains and treasures!

Old Town Clovis has 10 antique stores. Many of their customers are dealers in other areas and find our stores filled with great items at good prices. In fact, so good that they can make purchases in our shops and take items back to their antique stores and sell them for far more!

Join us in the spring and fall, and find your treasures! And remember the 4 R’s: Recycle, Reclaim, Reduce and Repurpose. Antique stores are a great place to fulfill this “green” goal.

Antiques Store

Glorious Junk Days

Born out of the desire to have a 3rd antique fair, the Business Organization of Old Town hosted the first Glorious Junk Days on the Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend. As a first event we didn’t expect a great turnout and we were surprised to see the streets fill with dealers and buyers eager to shop!

2012 will see two of these events, spring and fall. Dates TBA.

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  1. My son collects Antiques, was wondering if you have a catalog, or do you send pictures on an email address. He is currently looking for an Antique Bed, Thank You, Christine

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