Award-Winning Clovis Trailhead


Dry Creek Trailhead is located at the Southwest corner of the Sunnyside/Shepherd Intersection. Between the drought-resistant layout and amenities, it’s clear that the City of Clovis had the community in mind during planning and construction. Nowadays, when it comes to building a new community recreation area, water conservation plays a large role considering the current and intense drought. This trailhead was specifically constructed with the drought in mind, and in turn there is no grass or water-loving plants there. It is supposed to be quite water-efficient and according to Clovis’ Director of Planning and Development, Dwight Kroll, “It’s going to use about 10 percent of the water that you would normally have in a parks space of this size”.

According to the California Chapter of the American Planning Association, “a Great Place in California is one that exemplifies character, quality, and excellent planning. It can be anywhere from the beach to the mountains, from a large city to a small community. It can be a vibrant downtown, a suburban gathering place, a historic small town, a public park, or preserved open space. Most important, it must be a place where people want to be!”

apa award trailhead

The American Planning Association (APA) chose this trailhead as one of only 3 winners in California for this 2016 award. The APA described the Dry Creek Trailhead as follows; “The City of Clovis transformed a three-acre unimproved lot located at the southwest corner of Shepherd and Sunnyside Avenues into the Dry Creek Trailhead, an educational community recreation area that encourages alternative transportation, promotes healthy living, and protects natural resources. The City of Clovis has taken to heart the wisdom of John F. Kennedy in his 1962 State of the Union Address, ‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.’ A commitment to thoughtful planning provides a community the ability to grow naturally and smoothly in an organized manner. A priority goal is to make Clovis a great place for all families to live healthy, work productively, learn continuously, and play actively from generation to generation.”

Clovis is making a name for itself. Clovis has kept it’s traditional western-influenced and family-oriented roots alive while also going with the flow of society’s interest in protecting our environment and bettering our health— and we are being recognized for it.

For more information on the award, please visit the American Planning Association’s website.

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