Barbra’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Sale!

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Barbra’s is a specialty clothing boutique in Old Town Clovis, on Fourth Street between Clovis and Pollasky. Barbra’s is managed by Julie Herring, a lovely lady with a keen and timeless sense of style. Julie took over the shop when the original Barbara retired a few years ago, but she still helps in the store once each week!

Barbra’s is one of the oldest businesses in Old Town Clovis- if not the oldest! The shop has been open here in Old Town Clovis for 25 years, but the store originated in North Fork, where it existed for 15 years. That means Barbra’s is a total of 40 years old! 

I asked Julie from Barbra’s what being in Old Town meant to her and she told me, “Everybody knows everybody, and we all look out for one another. It has that small-town atmosphere with the perk of events and activities always happening. I live in Clovis and my kids go to Clovis schools. I wouldn’t have my business anywhere else! It just wouldn’t be as enjoyable.”



Julie also expressed to me that she has customers that began coming at the opening, 25 years ago, and who continue to return. And there is a reason for that! I asked Julie why she runs this beautiful clothing store and why she likes it, and this is what she said, “A lot of people have boutiques because they just love clothes! For me, that’s not the case, I do it because I love fitting clothes to people’s personalities. It makes me happy to provide clothing specialized to the individual, rather than just buying something generic from a big-box store.”

Not only does Julie handpick clothes for a specific customer, but she also handpicks the clothes and accessories that she orders for the store. Whenever possible, Julie chooses natural fabrics and US made materials. She even makes special orders for customers, because she enjoys “being their personal shopper.”

Barbra’s is the essence of what it means to be a small business. People shop at stores like Barbra’s because when you’re there, you’re special. When you shop at Barbra’s, you aren’t just one of many, you’re one of a kind and Julie believes your clothing should reflect that. We are individuals; shop local and get treated like one, or shop generic and be treated accordingly!

Barbra’s is having a 25th Anniversary (technically, 40th!) Celebration this Saturday, November, 14th from 9am to 4pm. Everything will be 20% off and refreshments will be provided! Make sure to stop by!




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