Billy the Kid Photo has ties to Old Town Clovis

The new, second ever found photograph of Billy the Kid

In 2010 Randy Guijarro bought a tintype photograph in a Tower District antique store along with two other photos for a total of $2. He almost didn’t buy the tintype but there was something interesting about it and he bought it along with the others. This was the start of an incredible journey and the discovery of only the second ever found photo of Billy the Kid. The discovery is sweeping the Nation and being called “perhaps the single most compelling piece of Western Americana,” and ” the Holy Grail of Western Americana.”

Brad Stoops, owner of Sports Cards and Collectibles, at 442 Pollasky Ave in the heart of Old Town Clovis, was a part of this exciting process. Randy Guijarro was a long time customer and the authentication process started at his shop. You can see this “Holy Grail” of western history in a large copy, displayed in the store front window of the Sports Card Shop on Pollasky. The original photo is now considered the most valuable photo find in the entire world. Knowledge of this photo is in over 140 countries. Flock to Old Town Clovis to see for yourself this remarkable early photo of Billy the Kid. It is like NONE OTHER!


Close up of the new, second ever found photo of Billy the Kid
Close up of the new, second ever found photo of Billy the Kid

It wouldn’t be ridiculous to say that the odds of finding something very special in Old Town Clovis  are very high! The odds are increased even further during Glorious Junk Days, which will be held  weekend, October 18th, 2015 from 8am to 3pm. All that history, all those artifacts… you could be the next one to make history!

Links to the amazing story of how a $2 photograph ended up being worth $5 million can be found below:



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