B.O.O.T. Funding – 2012

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As you know Redevelopment Agencies have been dissolved throughout California. The Business Organization of Old Town received funds, theoretically provided by licensing tax on businesses within in PBIA, but in reality from the Redevelopment Agency when insufficient funds were available in the PBIA. In good years, there was ample money in the fund and in bad years when there was a shortfall of funds in the PBIA Fund, the Redevelopment Agency, what in Clovis is known as the Community and Economic Development Department, funded B.O.O.T. When the RDAs were shut down late 2011, funds were frozen.

Here is a link to a well written analysis about the unwinding of redevelopment agencies throughout California.

The Board of Directors and B.O.O.T. staff will be meeting with City Officials to determine future funding.

Two current issues that businesses owners can assist with:

The City of Clovis has ceased the position for the Community Service Officer position for issuing parking tickets. Business owners who park on the street are taking customer parking spaces. Please police yourselves. Now that Old Town is bustling with business, parking is a bigger problem. Don’t send customers to the malls because of parking!

The City of Clovis will not be maintaining the potted plants/trees and landscaping along Old Town streets in the near future, so that business owners will need to fill that service. Keeping Old Town looking beautiful, clean and welcoming is important to making people visit and keep coming back to Old Town. Sweeping the sidewalk in front of your store/business, picking up trash and maintaining flowers/shrubs and trees in the pots and planted areas is essential to keeping our image up.

Here is the link for the analysis on the unwinding RDAs, as well as the history of Redevelopment Agencies in California, the legislation pertaining to the Agencies and a description of the process for dissolving the departments.

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