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June 13, 2012 | Categories: Newsletter | Tags: , ,

The City of Clovis is reviewing the budget for 2012-2013. So far, B.O.O.T. is only receiving funds raised through business owners’ license fees, from the PBIA fund. Staff and board members are working with City of Clovis Community and Economic Development and City Manager to resolve the shortfall. We have options available but it is unclear if they can be put into place quick enough without experiencing a setback.

Boot Sign Funding One option being looked at is establishing a PBID – a Property Based Improvement District that would overlay on the PBIA boundaries. The PBIA taxes the business owners through their business licenses while the PBID would tax the property owners through their property taxes. A fund would be established that would sustain B.O.O.T. as an organization to continue bringing people to Old Town via events and promotion. B.O.O.T.’s work promoting Old Town is essential for both business owners and property owners, benefitting the property own in a very low vacancy rate. B.O.O.T. would also set up an application process for property owners to receive funds for improving storefronts. Possible additional uses of the fund would be to manage and maintain things the City will not provide, and landscaping, new signage, etc. Currently the City is paying for ongoing landscaping of potted trees, corners of planted areas on a very limited basis; the cleaning and maintenance of public restrooms on Pollasky and the continuation of music and the PA system, street sweeping and the annual steam cleaning of sidewalks.

Another option is creating a new event that would bring in enough money to sustain B.O.O.T. We have already started the process by launching the Black Pot Cookoff this past April and hope to draw sponsors to this event and partner with other organizations in order to grow this event in 2013.

While new events are under consideration, it is not known if this will help the organization in the near future as it usually takes a couple of years to have an event “take off” and be profitable. B.O.O.T. staff is looking at applying for grants, restructuring membership fees, membership campaign, among other things to increase revenue.

Until we know more about the outcome of talks with the City we are suspending the co-op advertising program to save money. We will also look at making additional cuts where we can without compromising our promotions program, and find ways to enhance existing events to make them more profitable.

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