Are you a Business Owner in Old Town Clovis?

The Business Organization of Old Town Clovis was established in the late 1970s to represent and support the growing needs of Old Town Clovis merchants. The boundaries for Old Town Clovis are Woodworth Avenue to the west, Clovis Avenue to the east, 3rd Street to the north and 7th Street to the south. Businesses located within the boundaries are encouraged to join B.O.O.T. Membership provides businesses with a unique and comprehensive package of development and support services.

Review our Application Package and you’ll discover why Membership is a Must! There are full and associate memberships available. Refer to links below.
2017 General Membership Packet

Your Business IS Our Business.

B.O.O.T. promises city involvement with results – As an example, member businesses have been represented at city council meetings, the Tourism Advisory Committee, the Economic Development Strategy Advisory Committee, and the Visual Arts Committee on most issues pertaining to the greater Old Town Clovis area.

B.O.O.T. hosts several Signature Events – B.O.O.T. brings thousands of potential customers directly to you through special events such as Farmer’s Market, the Wawona Frozen Foods Peach Party, the nationally publicized North American Pole Vault Championships, the Antique & Collectible Fairs, One Enchanted Evening, and Holiday Events.
B.O.O.T. negotiates media advertising – B.O.O.T. negotiates television, radio, and print advertising for Old Town Clovis while developing co-operative advertising opportunities for members.
B.O.O.T. offers members event participation discounts – Your membership qualifies you for a discount when participating in B.O.O.T special events.
The reward of belonging to B.O.O.T. is the value you will receive from full time representation and measurable results throughout the year. Our primary purpose is to carry out the job that no one individual, business or agency can do alone . . . and to do whatever is possible to meet the growing needs of the very diverse and unique Old Town Clovis.

B.O.O.T. Member meetings are held monthly on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Call the B.O.O.T. office for location, 559.298.5774.

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