Centennial Christmas Tree Auction & Kick-Off

This week service organizations and various groups came together to decorate eleven Christmas trees to be auctioned off Friday to raise funds for the upcoming 2012 Centennial events.  The Business Organization of Old Town did a tree in a Dr. Seuss theme!  There are trees that are quirky, clever, gorgeous, traditional . . . . something for everyone’s taste!


The trees will be auctioned off on Friday, December 2nd between 6 & 9 PM in the Clovis Veterans Memorial Lobby during a reception to kick-off the Centennial.  The Constable race will be decided that evening as well and a Clovis Constable will be selected, based on how much money he raised, to reign over the upcoming events.  The first duty of the new Constable will be to ride in the Centennial “Float” at the Old Town Kiwanis Children’s Electric Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 3rd at 6:30PM.

Community Hosp Tree

The evening activities will include a book signing by the authors of Images of America:  Clovis, the unveiling of the official Centennial Quilt, the conclusion of the Centennial Constable elections with a swearing-in of the successful candidate by Clovis Mayor Jose Flores.  Wine, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres and other refreshments will also be served.  Entertainment will be provided by the Clovis West Golden Eagle Jazz Band.


The week leading up to the December 2nd event will be packed with a variety entertainment.  The Schedule is as follows:

Clovis Christmas Trees Open House

Clovis Veterans Memorial Building Lobby

808 Fourth Street, Clovis, CA  93612

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tuesday, November 29

Clovis North Ensemble Choir will perform at 7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 30

Kastner Choir will perform at 7:00 pm

Thursday, December 1

North Elementary Choir will perform at 7:00 pm

Reyburn Symphonic Band will perform at 8:00 pm

Friday, December 2

Clovis Christmas Trees Live Auction

Constable Election & Inauguration

Images of America: Clovis book signing

Unveiling of Centennial Quilt

Clovis Christmas Trees & Auction

Susan Fantzich is a voter-elected Director of the Clovis Memorial District and also serves on the Clovis City Council-Appointed Clovis Centennial Committee.  In July of this year, the Memorial District’s Board of Directors voted to donate Christmas trees to the Centennial Committee in order to be used as a fund raiser to help cover the expenses associated with the Centennial Celebrations.

Tree heights vary from seven to nine feet and each one is pre-lit with 1,000 lights.  The retail cost of each tree, before being adorned with decorations, was $600 to $800 each.  Earlier in the year, Frantzich invited various service clubs and organizations to adopt and decorate a tree. Each one will be truly unique.Tree auction my secret garden

The auction itself will take place the evening of Friday, December 2.  Geoff Gates will serve as the auctioneer.

 Images of America:  Clovis Book Signing

Images of America:  Clovis is a collection of fascinating historical moments that tell the journey of Clovis from a small-town agricultural community to one of the most vibrant cities in California.  The rich history of Clovis is told in these pages through the use of historic photographs, informative descriptions, first-person accounts, and personal interviews. Newcomers to the Clovis area will enjoy discovering how the Clovis Way of Life came to be. Those who have lived it will enjoy revisiting the past in the pages of this engaging book. Included are never before published photographs and newly-revealed stories that provide a fresh and personalized record of a Clovis that overcame challenging times of the past and now flourishes in the 21st Century.

For the first time, on the evening of December 2, Images of America:  Clovis will be available to the public and the authors will be present to sign each copy purchased.

Clovis Vet Memorial Tree
Centennial Constable

Since spring of this year, the City of Clovis has been searching for a Centennial Constable – someone to serve as the elected leader and Grand Marshal for all Centennial events taking place in 2012.  Eight nominees have spent the last few months campaigning, slinging mud, kissing babies and making promises with hopes of being elected to this position.  And, like elections in any other political arena, the person with the most money will win!

The money raised by the hopeful candidates will be split evenly between their supporting party and the Centennial Planning Committee, who will use the funds to help offset the costs of other Centennial Events planned for 2012.

Each candidate has been tasked with collecting votes.  And votes are in the form of dollars.  Each dollar equals one vote.  During the evening of December 2, the votes will be counted and the Constable will be announced.  Honorable Mayor Jose Flores with officiate the swearing-in and will administer the oath of office.

The Candidates are as follows:

Mike Dozier, Clovis Senior Center, Frank Fagundes, Clovis Kiwanis Club, Ed Flores, Clovis Rotary Club, Ben Frantzich, Clovis Memorial District, Brian Heryford, Old Town Kiwanis Club, Jay Peterson, Clovis Chamber of Commerce, Bill Shipley, Business Organization of Old Town and Ron Wheeler, Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center.

Centennial Quilt

Quilters Paradise, a Major Sponsor of the Clovis Centennial, has created a one-of-a-kind Centennial Quilt and has made it available for raffle.  For the first time, on December 2nd, this quilt will be available for viewing by the public.

This custom quilt was created, using the Ohio Star pattern, a very old quilt pattern, which exemplifies and celebrates the major accomplishment of the City of Clovis turning 100-year-old.  A team of first-class quilters worked hundreds of hours to complete this masterpiece.

The winner of the quilt will be chosen on February 27, 2012, at Clovis’ Centennial Birthday Bash Celebration.

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