Why is Craft Beer So Popular?

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The Craft Beer sensation has swept the nation and Old Town Clovis is right on trend with our November 1st Craft Beer Crawl! We’ve compiled some reasons why you should drink Craft Brews, and hope that you’ll join us this Sunday!

1) CRAFT BEER TASTES BETTER!  By definition, Craft Breweries are small, independent and traditional. For that reason alone the quality of product going into the beers is much better than mass produced product. Craft beer tastes much better because craft brewers spend their time focusing on the quality of their beer rather than focusing on their marketing campaigns and stock prices.   Craft brewers put their heart and soul, as well as lots of amazing ingredients, into every beer they brew and don’t cut any corners. Riley’s Brewing Co. out of Madera (who will be joining us on Sunday) features a dark wheat brew called Vixen, a complex rich and malty ale, with a hint of roasted mocha. They use specialty grains to make this a pleasant and easy drinking out of the ordinary beer.

2) MORE ALCOHOL!  Craft beers come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same; they all pack a punch!  Most craft beers range from 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume), but some craft beers can reach 20%, 30%, and even 40% abv!  Less water in your brews means that you don’t need to drink as much beer. Less calories and no more bloated bellies!

3) HEALTH BENEFITS!  Craft beer actually has health benefits.  Research has shown that craft beer has more health benefits and more nutrients than red wine. Craft beer contains some soluble fiber, B vitamins, a range of antioxidants and it is also the richest source of silicon; silicon in the diet may help in countering osteoporosis.

4) MORE CHOICES! There are almost 1,600 craft breweries throughout the United States brewing thousands of delicious, flavorful craft beers. Every single craft brewery makes its beer in its own special way with its own special ingredients. Craft brewers also create different brews for different seasons – you can expect a variety of choices throughout the year! House of Pendragon, from right here in Clovis, has a fantastic Tasting Room with new beers rotating at least every other week. There are also taps solely for experimental beers where customers can give their input! They’ll be bringing some of their amazing brews to the Craft Beer Crawl also.

5)  GREAT BEER MAKES FOR GREAT TIMES!  While drinking craft beer you are sure to have great times with your friends and family who are drinking craft beer with you.  Try it out!  Go out with friends and family and make it a point that everyone has to try a new craft beer.  Have everyone talk about their beer.  Smells, tastes, likes, dislikes, etc.  Pay attention to the discussions that arise due to the different beers that you taste.

6)  MEET THE PEOPLE MAKING THE BEER!  One of the coolest benefits of drinking craft beer is that you can visit a local craft brewery where your favorite craft beer is made and actually meet the people that are making the beer.  People that make craft beer, whether they are home brewers or brew masters, are some of the nicest, funniest people you will ever meet.  Many craft breweries offer daily brewery tours during which you get to sample all of their beers! The Craft Beer Crawl also provides the opportunity to meet brewers from outside the area! Ballast Point out of San Diego will be joining us for the Craft Beer Crawl. It’s perfect for those tasters who don’t get to travel often – take a moment to have all your questions answered!

Tickets are on sale now for the Craft Beer Crawl – $35 in advance; $45 at the door. Join us November 1st, 2015 from 2 to 5:30pm on the streets of Old Town Clovis.

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