A day of shopping in Old Town

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This year I’ve vowed to practice what I preach and really “shop local” for my holiday gifts! Old Town Clovis is a quick drive from my house and on Saturday I packed the kids into the car and came down for a lovely day of shopping.

Thankfully there was parking available. Sometimes you have to drive around the block but usually a spot comes available right on Pollasky Avenue, right in the heart of the shopping! Eschewing all things commercial, we skipped a trip to Starbucks and instead went into On The Edge Coffee Shop for our hot drinks to keep us cozy. They had tea for me, a frozen drink for the teenager and a hot cocoa for the “little man,” plus sweet treats to tide us over.

I noticed that the carriage was running so we quickly got in line. Santa was on the porch of The Old Hotel Bistro so I dragged the kids over there while my husband saved our spots in line. I love that Old Town provides these things free of charge! Bring your camera and take as many photos as you’d like! Santa is sweet and gives out candy canes! The carriage ride around the block was wonderful, with bells jingling and horses neighing. Old Town is all decked out with lights and decorations and it’s just beautiful. The carriage and Santa Claus hang out from 1 to 4 pm on the weekends, so there is ample opportunity to come out and enjoy it before it shuts down the weekend before Christmas.

With the carriage ride behind us we headed back into Hearts Delight, part of the Old Hotel Bistro. A gift for my sister-in-law and holiday decorations were on my mind and I found a sweet owl figurine for her and some amazing mercury glass to adorn my mantle! Thinking of the Christmas party in the week ahead I looked through the gorgeous racks of clothing and found myself a pretty top to wear. The Owner, Cora Shipley, was there to help me find the right size and chat about our holiday plans. The people in Old Town really care about their customers!

Next over to Dolls, Bears & More where I was looking for gifts for my niece and nephew. I couldn’t believe the variety of things in there, perfect for the little ones in my life. After that we went over to Fourth Street Antique Mall. The kids loved looking at all the “old stuff” and my teenager found a vintage bow tie for himself! I was lucky and found a beautiful cake stand for my sister, who is hosting Christmas this year. For someone who has everything, it’s fun to buy a special “little something,” a one of a kind treasure that they wouldn’t find anywhere else. It really makes gift giving fun and gratifying!

There were a lot more stores I wanted to get into – Vintage on Fourth to pick up candles and a soft flannel for my daughter… Cavelle Kids to get a Christmas outfit for my toddler.. and Revival 23 to pick up some special jewelry to add to my Christmas party look.. But the family was ready to head home by that time! I will be back soon to finish up my list. It was great to get my shopping started and to keep it local. I know that dollars spent here in Old Town keep my favorite shops in business into 2015 and it’s my goal to continue supporting them year round!

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