General FAQ's

What is B.O.O.T.? +

The Business Organization of Old Town Clovis (B.O.O.T.) is a unique, non-profit, membership-based organization. Established in the late 1980s to represent and support the growing needs of Old Town Clovis merchants, B.O.O.T. has blossomed into an organization that encourages growth and development in Old Town Clovis and the surrounding area. By engaging in key committees within the City, B.O.O.T. is able to advocate for a unified vision, cooperation and consistency in long-range regional planning and decision-making for Old Town Clovis.

The Business Organization is supported primarily by City of Clovis, the dedication of merchant members and the revenues earned from hosting several successful Signature Events throughout the year. By operating with a clear vision and passion for enhancing the development of the greater Old Town area, B.O.O.T. has established itself as an economic force in Clovis.

How do I become a member of B.O.O.T.? +

B.O.O.T. is committed to providing value to its members at a minimal cost. Membership and core community values are what make this organization the most effective business organization for business owners.  You can access the Membership Application here.

B.O.O.T. member meetings are held once a month on the 4th Wednesday, at 6:30 pm unless otherwise communicated. Meetings are currently held at The Old Hotel Bistro at the corner of 4th Street and Pollasky Avenue in Old Town. Call the B.O.O.T. office for more information, 559.298.5774. These meetings are designed to keep members informed as well as provide a forum to discuss matters pertinent to Old Town.

Where is Old Town Clovis? +

Where is Old Town Clovis-CaliforniaThe boundaries for Old Town Clovis PBIA (Parking and Business Improvement Area) are Woodworth Avenue to the west, Clovis Avenue to the east, 3rd Street to the north and 7th Street to the south. Businesses located within the boundaries are encouraged to join B.O.O.T. The greater area of Old Town is loosely considered to be Barstow to the south and Sierra to the north; Sunnyside to the east and Villa to the west. Businesses outside of the PBIA can be Associate Members and enjoy the benefits of being part of B.O.O.T.

What is a PBIA? +

A Parking and Business Improvement Area, or PBIA, is a designated area in which business owners choose to initiate, manage and finance services to supplement the baseline of town services for the benefit of area employees, students, residents and visitors.

How is B.O.O.T. different from the Chamber? +

The Chamber provides membership services that are geographically dispersed.

Antiques Fair & Glorious Junk Days FAQ's

How do I rent a space for the Antiques Fair or Glorious Junk Days? +

Please print and return the Antiques Fair application, which can be found on our Antiques & Collectibles Fair page under “Become a Vendor”. Upon receipt of the application and payment we will contact you to discuss spacing choices.

How much does it cost to rent a space for the Antiques Fair or Glorious Junk Days? +

There are two sizes available for the Antiques & Collectible Fairs and Glorious Junk Days: 20’ x 18’ is $105 per space, and 15’ x 18’ is $80 per space.

What are the hours for the Antiques Fairs and Glorious Junk Days? +

The Antiques & Collectibles Fair and Glorious Junk days run from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Set up time for the event begins at 4:00 am.

Can I bring my dog to the Antiques Fair or Glorious Junk Days? +

No. The City of Clovis has a “No Pet” ordinance and pets are not allowed at any Old Town event.

Farmers Market FAQ's

How do I become a vendor for the Farmers Market? +

Please print and return the appropriate Vendor application for the Farmers Market, which can be found on our Farmers Market page under “Become a Vendor.”  Spacing is limited; we will contact you to let you know about availability upon receipt of your application.

What are the hours of the Farmers Market? +

The Friday Night Farmers Market runs from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, May through the end of September. The Saturday Morning Farmers Market runs from 8:30 am to 11 am year round.

Where is the Farmers Market located? +

The Friday Night Farmers Market is located on Pollasky Avenue between Third and Fifth Street.  Occasionally we will extend the Market from Third Street to Bullard for special events within the Market, such as for ArtHops.  The Saturday Morning Farmers Market is located in the Old DMV Parking lot across from Central Valley Community Bank, next to Fire Station #1 at the intersection of Pollasky and Bullard.

Can I bring my dog to the Farmers Market? +

No. The City of Clovis has a “No Pet” ordinance and pets are not allowed at any Old Town event.

What band is playing at the Farmers Market this week? +

The Friday Night Farmers Market has the hottest bands in the Central Valley!  You can find a complete band listing here.

Wine Walk FAQ's

How do I participate as a Merchant in the Wine Walk? +

In order to participate in the Wine Walk you must first be a member in good standing of B.O.O.T.  You can find the Membership Applications here.  If you are a B.O.O.T. Member please download the Merchant Wine Walk Application here and return them to the B.O.O.T. Office with your payment by the due date. Spacing is limited and on a first come, first served basis.

How do I buy tickets for the Wine Walk? +

Tickets for the Wine Walk are available in Old Town at the following locations:  The Old Hotel Bistro and Hearts Delight, Bear Creek Gifts, and Fifth Street Antiques.  You can purchase the tickets on line here six weeks prior to the event.

Can I bring my children to the Wine Walk? +

The venues where the Wine Walks happen are open to all of the public so bringing your child is okay. However we do want to remind our guests that this is an event where alcohol is served so please take special care to keep watch over your children. Neither Old Town Clovis nor our merchant partners take responsibility for guests that choose to include their children in this event.

Do “designated drivers” pay to get into the Wine Walk? +

No, and we encourage everyone to have a designated driver!  Designated drivers are free of charge to come to the event, but if they desire to do food sampling they can purchase a tasting only wrist band for a nominal fee.

Miscellaneous FAQ's

How can my band participate in Old Town Clovis events? +

Please send correspondence, including an .mp3 file or link to your web site, to  We will be in contact with you by the end of April for Farmers Market band considerations.  Please be advised that many of our popular bands have been coming for years so they get first priority.

How do I sponsor an event? +

We are always looking for sponsors for our special events.  Please contact our office at (559) 298-5774 for more information.