What is B.O.O.T.?

September 1, 2014 | Categories: |

The Business Organization of Old Town Clovis (B.O.O.T.) is a unique, non-profit, membership-based organization. Established in the late 1980s to represent and support the growing needs of Old Town Clovis merchants, B.O.O.T. has blossomed into an organization that encourages growth and development in Old Town Clovis and the surrounding area. By engaging in key committees within the City, B.O.O.T. is able to advocate for a unified vision, cooperation and consistency in long-range regional planning and decision-making for Old Town Clovis.

The Business Organization is supported primarily by City of Clovis, the dedication of merchant members and the revenues earned from hosting several successful Signature Events throughout the year. By operating with a clear vision and passion for enhancing the development of the greater Old Town area, B.O.O.T. has established itself as an economic force in Clovis.