Farmers Market – Pistachio Party!

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Pistachio Party

Topping off what many call the best year of the Farmers Market in OTC was the American Pistachio Growers Pistachio Party. A crowd exceeding 10,000 filled the streets and everyone was eating pistachios! Proof was on the streets! The discarded shells were thick and sounded so funny when cars drove over them at the end of the night . . . it sounded like breaking glass!

Pistachio Party Old Town Clovis

Richard Matoian, Executive Director of the American Pistachio Growers estimated that they gave out nearly 10,000 samples of pistachios in their new snack packs—–the official snack for the USA Waterpolo Team; and the little green nut is being promoted by Miss California!

Chefs David Pol and Kyle Waller from the ITT Culinary Academy were on hand demonstrating the use of pistachios in a variety of recipes—–some familiar, such as pistachio ice cream, and some less known as with the pistachio mayonnaise! Ummm good!

American Pistachio GrowersThe American Pistachio Growers provided a perfect end to a wonderful summer of Farmers Markets in OTC. Thank you!

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