February 8th PBIA Annual Meeting

February 28, 2012 | Categories: Newsletter | Tags: ,

The PBIA Annual Meeting took place on February 8th. B.O.O.T. would like more people to attend this meeting. The PBIA Annual meeting provides the opportunity to meet with City Officials and Department Heads, who attend to listen and address concerns from businesses in and around the PBIA.

Concerns were addressed and city officials made notes and will take care of any issues. One request, the trimming of the tree in from the Victoria Rose Restaurant so that the security camera could see up the street, was handled within two days! Thank you Public Works!

During the Members Meeting, which immediately followed the PBIA meeting, Cora Shipley, President of the B.O.O.T. Board of Directors, requested that merchants and business owners step forward to make sure that the landscaping is maintained, watered and refreshed with new plants. Also, sweeping the sidewalks in front of your business and picking up trash is important so that Old Town always puts its best foot forward!

Regarding parking, this is an old issue that pops up regularly. Bottom line business owners are going to have to police themselves. Here is the deal:

In case you haven’t noticed, business is brisk in Old Town and customers need to park. If potential customers get frustrated not being able to find a parking space, they will move on. That means they won’t come to your business or your neighbor’s business. If you’re neighbor doesn’t get customers, it will eventually effect your business.

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