Same Friday Night Farmers Market, New Friends!


It’s almost time! Yes! The Friday night farmers market is almost here! If you’re anything like most of us Clovis people, you’ve been counting down the days until May 13th, the first farmers market of the season! It’ll be the same Old Town farmers market you know and love, but this season we have a ton of new friends joining our market! Come check it out, Friday, May 13th 5:30-9pm!sarahs fresh green hummus

If new, fresh snacks are on your mind- we got you covered. We have Ashjian Pomegranate that will be selling a few different flavors of pomegranate wine jelly, Sarah’s Harvest Hummus┬áthat will be selling hummus made with fresh green garbanzo beans (rather than yellow, boiled or dried garbanzo beans), and also a new certified producer, Isaias and Helia Farms! They will have corn, cucumber, eggplant, melon, peppers, and more! Valley Oak Dairy will also join us with their Non-GMO Cheese and Milk, including flavored milk, and yogurt!

If you’re wanting something fresh, but more beautiful and less edible, get ready to welcome Red Door Florist to the farmers market family. Red Door Florist will offer flowers by the stem, build-a-bouquet, and much more to customize your flower arrangement.

Wanting to know whislandtime treasures picat’s new for the kids? You don’t need to look any further, because we have two new attractions for the youngins! First up is Island Time Treasures, which lets the kids make their own sandcasted art treasures! Our second addition to the kid zone is Animal Town Electric Cruisers which offers plush, battery-operated stuffed animal rides!

Looking to treat yourself? (Because you and I both know you deserve it.) We also have two brand new vendors in our marketplace, where you can find crafts, personal care products, home items, decor, boutique clothing, accessories and other specialty goods. One new addition to our farmers market family is Nature’s Kindle, who will offer soy candles and reed diffusers that come in a few different unique fragrances. The last, but definitely not least is Gaia House of Healing, which will offer; incense, incense holders, handcrafted soaps, lotions, a large selection of stones & crystals, tarot cards, sage, pendulums, bracelets, amulets, and much more!

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