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The City of Clovis reviewed the audit of the PBIA Fund for the past five years, which was received Monday July 2nd, with additional data provided July 10.  It is the hope of the B.O.O.T. organization that the information will be invaluable in determining the Business Organization of Old Town’s future and the amount of promotion funding we can rely on in order to offer the level of promotion of Old Town businesses that we have become accustomed to this past year.

Board Members attended the July 2nd Council Meeting and requested that the City look at their funds to see if the PBIA fund is not as great as $61,000 a year, that the City provide the shortfall of the estimated $15,000 for 2012-2013.  A full 4/5ths vote by the Council was needed to pass this motion.  Councilman Bob Whalen was not in attendance and the motion failed by one vote.  B.O.O.T.’s contract with the City of Clovis was approved at the level of $61,000 as long as there were sufficient funds in the PBIA account.

At this time it appears collection of the license fee is not sufficient to cover the coming year.  Most likely B.O.O.T. would be ok through the end of 2012 but unless collection activity is increased, either on the part of the City, an outside service, or B.O.O.T. itself, funding could fall short.

It is unclear at this time if adequate measures are in place to assure businesses are paying their license fees.  Efforts are underway to address this problem.

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