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Hedrick’s Chevrolet sponsored two Farmers Markets this season, bringing out their newest models.  The Volt, Equinox, Camaro and Silverado were put on display and Brett and his staff drew a crowd!

Hedrick’s has a rich family history.  In 1944 WWII was raging and an enterprising traveling farm laborer was granted a Chevrolet Dealership of his very own. The car business was very different back then. Deals were made over the pickup bed and the only signature required was on the check for payment. Denny Hallowell was that individual. He made many friends and customers for the next 24 years. So many that his son James persuaded him to move the small Chevy dealership from its downtown Clovis location into a new, more modern dealership on Shaw Avenue, which was considered the “boonies!”

In 1965 Chevrolet was the hottest franchise going! Hallowell Chevrolet was growing and selling Chevrolets all over the San Joaquin Valley.  Hallowell Chevrolet was a household name.  A proud community partner, and an active philanthropist, James Hallowell was selected as a Time Magazine Quality Dealer not once but twice! The gas crunch, extremely high interest rates and then a booming economy faced James in those years.

By the year 2000, James decided to retire and enjoy his twilight years without the pressures of a multi-million dollar business with over 120 employees. But who should take over? Long time employee, friend and partner, Bill Hedrick that’s who. And so began Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet. Business as usual. No changes, car deals were still made the same way. Honest and forthright, over the backs of pickup beds, and over the phone. Bill believed in that business philosophy, because that was the only one that he had ever known.

Bill’s partner was his son Brett, who was General Manager at the time. In 2003, the dealership installed the City of Clovis’ first ever “Freeway Sign”, which welcomes everyone to Clovis.  Starting in 2005, the Hallowell name was been retired, now known as Hedrick’s Chevrolet with Brett as President.

HEDRICK’S CHEVROLET     961 W. Shaw Avenue, CLOVIS, CA 93612

Sales:  (559) 761-0801; Service:  (559) 840-3186

Email:   inquiry@hedrickschevy.com

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