A “Horse Drawn” Enchanted Evening!

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Horse drawn carriages bring about nostalgia of a time many of us weren’t even alive for. A time of elegance, where people took life slow and didn’t let life rush them.

Barbara Dotta is the owner of Fresno Carriage, a locally owned & operated horse drawn carriage company on its 25th year that exclusively uses beautiful black Percheron horses!

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Barbara grew up on a ranch and has love for horses ever since the very beginning. She loves working with horses because they give her “serenity and a sense of peacefulness that you don’t usually get in the constant rush of the modern day.” Barbara explained that you form a very personal bond with each individual horse and that you can notice the unique characteristics that make up their individuality. She also mentioned how they are capable of expressing gratitude to you, in a way that only a true bond can provide.

When asked why she uses Percheron horses, Barbara told me how majestic and regal they are. She said, “You can look into their eyes and realize how soft and heartfelt they are.” She told me that they are very alert and knowing. Their look is exotic, yet refined and eloquent.

horse pic 3“They have so much heart, it’s pretty incredible.” -Barbara Dotta

It isn’t difficult to see how special these animals are from the way Barbara Dotta talks about them; even after all these years they still are a significant source of love, passion and devotion.

Barbara has four current, trained horses that she uses for events but she has recently added two more horses to her family, for a total of six majestic Percheron horses. The two newbies are currently undergoing training on a farm near the Colorado mountains, where they will get a lot of experience, preparing them for the future. All of Barbara’s horses undergo extensive training where they are exposed to many people, situations and experiences that will all contribute to a wonderful, well-rounded hooved being.

I asked Barbara why she has this carriage company and she explained that there are several reasons. The first reason is for historic value, to be able to take people back to a time they once knew, or wish they knew. It also acts as a way to educate the youth about a time way back, when people relied on these intelligent, majestic creatures for transportation.

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Barbara also put a lot of emphasis on the importance of the holiday events, specifically One Enchanted Evening in Old Town Clovis. For her, it provides an opportunity to unite a community in togetherness. It gives people an incentive to get off their cellphones and experience what is real and tangible. It reminds people what truly matters, which is each other and the value of all life.

One of the things Barbara Dotta loves most about owning this carriage company is the children, many of whom have never seen a horse and are so very excited to meet one. Barbara love when the kids see the horses and their eyes light up while a smile spreads across their faces. She said that One Enchanted Evening in Old Town Clovis is simply charming and a great chance for everyone to step back in time, get a grip on what matters, relax and relish in the togetherness.

oee9-horses-carriageBarbara Dotta uses her company, Fresno Carriage, as a chance to; educate youth, maintain history, unite a community and spread awareness of the significance of these incredibly intelligent, majestic animals. We could all learn a valuable lesson from Barbara, and I hope you take something away from this article, and at the very least, remember the importance of relationships with humans and animals alike.

Horse-drawn Carriage Rides are available in Old Town Clovis at One Enchanted Evening, Thursday, November 19th, 2015 from 5-8 PM.  Saturdays & Sundays from November 28th to December 27th from 1-4 PM.


6 thoughts on “A “Horse Drawn” Enchanted Evening!

    1. The Horse-Drawn Carriage rides are free to the public thanks to the generosity of Bank of the Sierra for One Enchanted Evening and to the Educational Employees Credit Union, Goode Ol’ Days Antiques, Realty Concepts, Hedricks Chevrolet, Clovis Rodeo Association and Clovis Veterans Memorial District. We couldn’t do it without them!

    1. No, not for the weekend rides around Old Town Clovis. You can contact Fresno Carriage Company directly at 559-855-4480 to discuss a private reservation though. Enjoy!

    1. The carriage holds about 15 people at a time. The pick up is at the corner of Fourth and Pollasky Ave. in front of the Old Hotel Bistro from 1-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy!

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