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January 7, 2012 | Categories: News | Tags: , , ,

My little corner of the world has some positive news! People are discovering Old Town Clovis and it’s making for a great POSITIVE story amidst all the negative news of the Valley’s financial problems and concerns. I spent a good amount of money this year in advertising and it’s paying off! I was called today by the news director for ABC/30 and she had been in Old Town last week and noticed the lack of vacancies and the number of people shopping and eating in Old Town. She wanted to do a story on what we were doing to make this such a vibrant little town!

2012 is starting off with a bang. I have a new Black Pot Cook-Off event April 22 and an all new Raisin Party at the Farmers Market on June 29th PLUS the AMGEN Tour is coming through Clovis for the 2nd time . . . I’m in charge of the “festival” for the finish on May 16th. Anyone willing to volunteer that day, let me know! I’m going to need help! They anticipate 40,000 people in Old Town to see the Phase 4 Finish, which takes all of two minutes . . . . . whooooosh . . . . . whooooosh . . . . . whooooosh . . . . those are the straight-aways on the streets of OTC and then it’s over!

I’m so lucky to have this job! I love it!

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