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Every year, hundreds of our valley’s children are removed from their homes because the “parents” who should be taking care of them cannot or will not. Authorities remove the children from unhealthy homes and place them in foster care. Their belongings are placed in plastic or paper bags usually used for trash. In some instances, the child is moved from foster home to foster home. Each time, his or her clothes, toys and other belongings are placed in trash bags. Even to a child, this becomes degrading. It demonstrates that his or her life is only worth the careless bundling of stuff into a hefty bag.

Kases for Kids is a local organization that collects real suitcases, backpacks, duffle bags and other types of bags for these kids. In unfortunate times, when children are forced to be uprooted and moved, Kases for Kids makes sure they receive a real suitcase – decorated with their name printed right on it! Something that provides the dignity that these children deserve.

Kases for Kids survives on donations from the public. Think hard. Do you have an old suitcase, backpack, bowling bag, book bag or duffle bag laying around your house? Bring them to work on Monday. Kases for Kids will come to your department and pick them up. Email me and let me know that you have donations. Be sure to tell me what department/building you are in. You get to clear some space in your closet and help a kid through a very terrible time.

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  1. I am interested in participating in this effort on a larger scale than just my personal donations. I have some ideas and would like to discuss them with you.

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