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April 4, 2012 | Categories: Newsletter | Tags: , , ,

Fifth Street Antiques has been a fixture in Old Town for fourteen years, in its well-known spot on the corner of Fifth Street and Pollasky Avenue. For the last three years, it has been owned by Wanda Leon who was a dealer there for three years before purchasing the store from previous owners.

Wanda owned a flower shop in North Fork for 15 years, adding antique accents to add to the atmosphere. As her collection of antique furniture grew, so did her knowledge and love of the business. When she decided that she was done with the floral business Wanda knew that she wanted to sell antiques full time.

“For antiques – Old Town is the place to be!” says Wanda regarding choosing Old Town as a place to do business. The ambiance of Old Town fits antique businesses, complemented by the boutiques and other stores here. Business has consistently grown every year that Wanda has owned the store, with the Christmas season being the best time of the year for sales. Wanda also attributes the wonderful events that occur in Old Town to the success of the shop and stated that months when Antiques and Collectibles Fairs were held they always had boosted sales figures.

Fifth Street Antiques is a 4,000 square foot storefront with 18 “charming” dealers who rent space and work in the store. They have an eclectic mix of merchandise with a wide variety of price points: anyone can find something to buy there. Wanda plans on growing the business every year and has no aspirations of ever leaving. “Basically I’ll be here until I have one foot in the grave!” We look forward to sharing the journey with Fifth Street Antiques!

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