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I had a chat with Helen McLean owner of McLean Hair Studio, who celebrated the one year anniversary of her business in the heart of Old Town.  If you don’t know Helen, drop by and say hello at her DeWitt Building location.  Helen is straightforward, honest, tells it like it is and she’s so much fun to talk to!  I got totally off my quest to learn why she came to Old Town while talking with her about her home town in Glasgow, Scotland.  It’s an easy thing to do when you’re talking to Helen!  In fact we digressed to calling Kirsty Wimbish, BOOT Office Manager because her family is from Scotland also and Kirsty and Helen proceeded to figure out who they knew and what they had in common with one another.  Those Scots are very tight!

Ask Helen how she came to Old Town and she’s just matter-of-fact . . . it just happened.  Ask her what she likes about Old Town and she’ll tell you (like we didn’t know it already) that this is such a unique town, great people, wonderful building (The DeWitt), fabulous landlord and the foot traffic she gets, she couldn’t get anywhere else.  She said 70% of her new business comes from walk-bys.  That’s incredible!

But I say, well, why not?  It’s a beautiful salon that just does hair, friendly stylists with smiles on their faces and run by a professional!  Helen mentioned that they still have a couple of spots open if you know of anyone looking for a hair studio.  Congratulations on your One Year Birthday Helen and staff!

~Carole Lester

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