Merchant Spotlight – Jackson Jewelers

It is with pleasure that we feature Jackson Jewelers this month.  I met Bruce at my first B.O.O.T. Members Meeting in the fall of 2010 and I stopped in to see him on my first day of work.  He was friendly, all about Old Town Clovis, and he looked forward to working with B.O.O.T. to make Old Town a better place for all the merchants.  He shared his concerns and insights.  I was so appreciative to get input about Old Town from all of the merchants who talked me through my first months.

Bruce always reminds me to have my rings cleaned; he’d say “take that ring off and let me clean it” or “you need this fixed” and I’d take his advice because he knew what he was talking about!  Recently he’s helped my husband and me with some decisions on family jewelry.  Bruce reset a ring, looked at our “family jewels” and told us what to keep and what to get rid of (he offers credit for traded in gold, diamonds and silver) and through it all he’s been professional, knowledgeable and so much fun to work with.  Having spent a fair amount of time in his store, I’m not alone in thinking Bruce is great to work with!  His customers love him!

I asked Bruce the other day how he got into the business and why he came to Old Town.  It’s always fun to learn the history of our merchants so I wanted to share it with you.

Bruce’s wife Cheryl babysat for the manager of Edmonds Jewelry.  One evening Al Edmonds was talking to Bruce while in his store at the Fresno Fulton Mall and he asked if Bruce was “good with his hands” and Bruce said “why, yes.  I am.”  Edmonds was looking for an apprentice to work with a Finnish jewelry maker, who had done jewelry work for the King and Queen of Finland! Bruce accepted the position and learned how to make and repair jewelry.  He was trained for four years in casting and the lost wax technique of creating jewelry by making a plaster encasement surrounding a design carved in wax.  The wax is melted out of the plaster cast and the cast is set into a centrifugal force arm and molten metal is “thrown” into the plaster—you break away the plaster and you have a piece of jewelry!  He ultimately opened and managed the store in Fashion Fair Mall in 1971.

Bruce moved into Old Town Clovis because his wife had grown up in Clovis and they both loved the area.  On April 1, 1992 he opened Jackson Jewelers in the building on 4th Street long known as Hollyhocks and now where Vintage on 4th is located.  He opened up the store that used to be Marilyn’s Gift Shop, where he is now, in September of 2001.  You’ll often see David and Amy, Bruce and Cheryl’s kids, working in the store.  Susan Freitas has been there since 2001 and Miranda Lyman has been there for more than 5 years.  They are always available to help you as well!

This is one of the wonderful things about Old Town – we have such a unique mix of businesses and people to make it special!

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