NAPVA Championships

On July 26 we vaulted into the 19th Annual North American Pole Vault Association (NAPVA) Championships!  Put on by Coach Bob Fraley and his staff, it was a wonderful night and the athletes gave a good show of spirit, skill and healthy competition.  The athletes, from Clovis, Hanford, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Reno, as well as the elite competitors from all over the nation, converge on Clovis and participate in a “Break the Barriers” Pole Vault Clinic, Press Conference, team building bowling night, early morning TV appearances and then put on a great show for our crowd of 10,000 plus.  They are such nice young people and provide our children insight into being athletes.  One of our favorite photos is of the children who beat their hands on the barricades around the pit and create their own form of spirit!

Scott Greenman, local boy now attending University of Sioux Falls, North Dakota, got a wonderful story in the Fresno Bee on Saturday!  (The event got a front page photo and a photo and story on the front of the Sports section as well.) 

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