Dry Creek Trailhead Wins Awards

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The League of California Cities has honored Clovis with the Helen Putnam award for Planning and Environmental Quality for our new Dry Creek Trailhead.  A vacant three-acre lot was transformed into a trailhead featuring drought-tolerant plants and a drought-friendly layout.

The same Dry Creek Trailhead also won another award; the 2015 Urban Forestry Award from the California Urban Forests Council in the category of S.O.S. (Save our Shade). The award is given to an organization or community that demonstrates creative solutions toward caring for the urban tree canopy during California’s drought.

Dry Creek Trailhead is located at the Southwest corner of the Sunnyside/Shepherd Intersection. Between the drought-resistant layout and amenities, it’s clear that this trailhead was specifically constructed with the drought in mind. In turn there are no grass or water-loving plants situated there. It is supposed to be quite water-efficient and according to Clovis’ Director of Planning and Development, Dwight Kroll, “It’s going to use about 10 percent of the water that you would normally have in a parks space of this size”.

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The appropriately-deemed trailhead (not a park) is equipped with four restrooms, several water fountains, two picnic areas with tables, and two bike repair/pump stations.

Other future additions to the Clovis trails network include a possible suspension bridge at the 168 & Temperance along with new and extended trails.

For a map of Clovis trails, parks, landmarks & more click here.


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