Pole Vaulting Championships July 22nd


It’s that time!¬†The North American Pole Vault Championships are upon us!

Whether you’re a die-hard pole vault enthusiast, or you’re just mildly intrigued, you will not be disappointed! Pole vaulting is a very interesting and fun spectator sport, and the championships are going to be held in our very own Old Town Clovis during the Friday Night Farmers Market on July 22nd, beginning at 5:30pm.

There’s something magical about being on the streets of Old Town with the Pole Vaulters running down the center of Pollasky. These inspirational athletes push themselves to edge of their abilities, hoping to break personal and world records. The combination of the loud music, cheers from the crowd and NAPVA “swag” given out by Team Spirit create an electrifying ambiance that you don’t want to miss!

To get an idea what pole vaulting is all about, check out this video “Spirit of the Vault” from NAPVA’s website.

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