NOSH & OLPH’s St. Martha’s Pantry!

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NOSH is a B.O.O.T. sponsored cooperative of food pantries that collects food donations for those in need. Many vendors from the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market donate their leftover fresh produce to the NOSH Program that they don’t want to go to waste- especially knowing that there are many people that need it!

NOSH gives their collected food donations to local organizations such as St. Martha’s Pantry, based out of Our Lady of Perpetual Hope (OLPH). In October alone, St. Martha’s provided food & other necessities for 1,070 people! That is about 440 families that had food, snacks & other essentials that they were in great need of. St. Martha’s not only provides food items, but also things like diapers, toiletries, and pet food!

Both NOSH and St. Martha’s Pantry are amazing organizations, dedicated to helping those in need. In fact, these organizations are so great that a few students from OLPH’s 2nd Grade class wanted to send their thanks to B.O.O.T. and NOSH, so they sent us letters with drawings expressing their appreciation! Our office was nearly moved to tears from these awesome expressions of gratitude!

For more information on OLPH, visit their website here. Remember that there are so many people in our area that are in need of food, shelter and basic necessities, so if you are able to help- do it! There are many organizations in place to help the less fortunate, don’t be afraid to donate and get involved!
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