2017 Old Town Clovis Car Show

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2017 Car Show Square

Old Town Clovis will be holding its second annual Car Show on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 9am to 3pm. At this time we are accepting pre-registrations for vehicle entries. The fee is $20 per vehicle and includes a commemorative t-shirt.

Last year we had almost 300 vehicle entries and are hoping to make the show even bigger and better this year! We are seeking cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, vintage trailers and modified vehicles (pre-1975 only). This year we will not be holding the Black Pot Cook Off during the car event so there will be cars lining all of Pollasky Avenue. This is sure to be a stunning sight and we really can’t think of a better place to have a car show than beautiful Old Town Clovis! We are hoping to make this a “classic” event and hope you will join us!

For more information about the current year’s application process please call (559) 298-5774.

15 thoughts on “2017 Old Town Clovis Car Show

    1. Hi Kelly. As I said in the email, this year we are only allowing pre-1975 cars in for voting purposes. Newer vehicles would be allowed conditionally to come in and display – but not be eligible for any trophies or awards.

    1. Yes. Just arrive between 7 and 8 AM and enter off of Woodworth Avenue at 4th, 5th or Bullard Avenue. Once you find a place to park you can come register at the Information Booth located in front of the Educational Employees Credit Union.

    1. We don’t have a specific category for Rat Rods – you would have to choose a different category for judging purposes. Feel free to give us a call at (559) 298-5774 for any other questions. Thank you!

  1. This show is better than the Tower District show for the reason that the same olde cars don’t win every time. Hopefully, the metal cars will have a chance against the “plastic fantastiques ” that always appear at the car show in the tower. Last year was a hoot along with the food and music……looking forward to this year,s show.

  2. We enjoyed the show, food and music. A suggestion for next year. When the awards were being announced and cars that did not place were starting up their engines and leaving making it impossible to hear the announcer. We never did hear our category announced. Maybe you can do as other shows do and put a small sticker on the headlights of winners in there categories.

    1. Hi Bob! Thank you for that information. We are growing and making the show better every year! Looking forward to seeing you out in Old Town again next year!

  3. Was wondering if you allow craft vendors to participate in your car shows. I know there are several car show events that allow craft vendors to participate. I would appreciate your feedback.

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