Old Town Clovis Car Show & Black Pot Cook-Off

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It is time for the Black Pot Cook-off! Sunday, April 17th from 9am to 5pm at Pollasky and 4th Street. This event features teams of cooks who all share a passion for cooking in cast iron. Also known as Dutch Ovens, this type of cooking originates back to the 1800’s when people used cast iron pots and pans to cook not only on the trails but in their homes. Talk with the cooks and discover their love for cooking in these heavy duty vessels. See how these cooks use nothing more than hot coals and cast iron pots and pans to make delicious main dishes, stews, side dishes, dessert and even bread! You’ll be inspired to dig out that rusty frying pan your grandmother had (season it first! Click here to see how http://tinyurl.com/pv5rwa4) and try some recipes!

Judges from the Institute of Technology Culinary School will start judging at 1 PM and review and taste each team’s recipes, choosing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each category (main dish, dessert, bread and sides) and for each class (amateur, junior and professional). Winners will be announced between 4 and 5 PM. Sampling is available after each team has been judged.

The National Cowboy Poetry Week starts the week following our event. We are looking for people interested in performing this art form during the cooking contest. Please contact our office at 559.298.5774 for more information.

Artisans demonstrating the fine art of rug hooking, lace making, caning, wood turning, saddle making and blacksmithing, will show us how these art forms have survived over the centuries. Live music, food trucks and a car show will also be part of the all-day event! We hope you’ll join us Sunday, April 17th on the streets of Old Town.

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    We would be very interested in setting up a booth at your events. I did read it would be a $150 to join and a percentage of what we sell. Are there openings at the Farmers Market, Antiques & Collectables, Blackpot Cook Off & Cowboy Poetry and Glorious Junk Days?

    Thank you

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