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February 28, 2012 | Categories: Newsletter | Tags: ,

We love the new calendar of Events on our website. Please sign up for our newsletter so you receive it via email and check out our Calendar of Events. If you have special events going on we would be happy to post them on our calendar. The goal is to make our calendar the “go to” calendar when people want to know what is going on in Clovis.

First Wednesday of each month:
B.O.O.T. Board Meeting
6:30 PM, Clovis Police/Fire Community Room

Second Wednesday of each month:
Members Meeting

These meetings change venues. We will announce the location of the meetings in our newsletter and an email reminder will be sent as to the location each month. Please make sure we have your email address.

The March Meeting will be held at the Police and Fire Department Community Room located off of 5th Street just west of Sunnyside. We have reserved this room in order to have a serious discussion of items that are relevant to the ”running of Old Town” since the dissolve of the Redevelopment Agency/Community and Economic Development department.

No food will be served at this meeting. Please bring your dinner/snack/beverage for this meeting.

One thought on “Our New Calendar of Events

  1. I’ve been to many events and have enjoyed all of them.
    I look forward to recieving my newsletter.
    Thanks, Pat Sanchez

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