Parking Enforcement Returns to Old Town

October 24, 2013 | Categories: News | Tags: , ,

Try finding parking in Old Town on a Friday at noon and you’ll agree – parking spaces are at a premium! When you consider all the people shopping here, the people who own businesses here, and the employees who work at those businesses, that adds up to a lot of cars.

Street front parking was created for customers, but during the 18 months Old Town Clovis stopped having parking enforcement some people have become lazy! We have made it a habit to park in those areas that should be reserved for our customers. Old Town has an adequate number of parking spaces for the amount of businesses located here and there are several areas with no timed parking. The time-free parking are where business owners and employees should be parking.

Parking enforcement will start on Monday, October 28th with a steep parking fine of $40 per occurrence. Save your pocketbook a huge dent and start parking in the free lots around town! In addition to the areas listed in the photo below, you will find untimed parking on Woodworth Avenue, parts of Hughes Avenue and in the Memorial District parking lot.


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