Pole Vault Championships!

One of the most compelling reasons we love the Pole Vault at the Farmers Market, is the affect of the athletes have on the young children who watch the event.  This year we had more Olympians than ever before!

We had a great time showcasing some “teaching point” jumps at Simonian Old Town, one of our Sponsors for the evening, on Friday morning with Matt Otstot, KSEE/24 and Clayton Clark, Great Day at KMPH/26.  Both reporters took their tries on the pole into the matt, with mixed results!  Then Ryan, camera man with KMPH showed everyone up with a greater agility and landed, albeit low jumps, at least jumps that resembled the real deal!  Sorry Matt and Clayton but as we all learned, it’s not as easy as it looks!  There are lots of things that have to come together to make those jumps!  We have great respect for these athletes!

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