Saturday Farmers Market Perfect for Families

sat fm family

As a parent I am always trying to figure out new and fun things to do with my children. I’ve found that the Saturday Farmers Market in Old Town is the perfect entertainment for all three of them – 3, 14 and 18 years old! There’s something for each of them to look forward to.

My 18 year old daughter loves to help with meal planning and prep. She’s on the look out for the most perfect tomato, the freshest, most colorful berries and anything else on the list. She’s a great helper and I could literally just have her come without me but that would deprive ME from all the fun! My 14 year old is the hardest to pry away from his X-Box, but he’s the one who has been helping me with the Farmers Market for four years so he likes to come out to see the farmers that he has made friends with over the years.

My three year old is offered the best learning experiences at the Saturday Farmers Market. He names all the fruits and veggies, struggling to remember persimmon and pomegranate. There’s something new for him to take in each week! We count, we work on his social skills and there’s almost always music for him to dance to! He loves it and I love watching the excitement in his eyes as we walk around and see the sites, smell the scents and taste the samples given abundantly!

If you’re like me, you try to buy the best that you can for yourself and your family at the best price you can find. The Saturday Farmers Market has prices well below supermarket price points, and you know that what you’re buying has been freshly harvested, pulled from the sea, baked or produced. Often the farmers will give you freebies just to try something new (and fall in love with them and then come back and purchase). You can come early in the morning (it runs from 8-11:30am) before practices or parties, and get away with wearing your yoga pants!

The Saturday Farmers Market runs each Saturday, rain or shine. There’s a wide variety of amazing things – fresh seafood, grass fed beef, fresh produce, orange juice, authentic French Brioche (hide it from your family and sneak it when they’re not watching!), eggs, herbs and lots more! Bring your family and share a wonderful morning together.

Please note there are couple of dates in April that the Market is closed:  Big Hat Days on April 2nd and Clovis Rodeo Parade on April 23rd.

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