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Barbara’s Boutique had a trunk show last Saturday, which we tweeted on Twitter and posted on Old Town Clovis’ Facebook page.  Take advantage of letting us know what is going on in your business.  We can post specials, sales, menus etc.  We’ll even help you get started on Facebook! There is always something to do in Old Town Clovis and merchants can help get the word out!  Just email us at  If you put something on your Facebook page, email us and we’ll share it on ours!  And always share each other’s postings on your own page . . . that’s how you build audience and “likes” . . . if you have a friend page (you have to approve your friends) we highly recommend switching to the “page” format where people just “like” you.  (No permission needed!)

Sign up for Facebook, type in the name of your business with Clovis, California, or Old Town Clovis, and you may find that you have a listing already.  Then click, Create a Page!  That’s all you have to do to get started.  Add photos and start posting!  Go to other stores pages and post on their page that you have a Facebook page and ask them to share it on their page.  That’s how you build an audience.

Membership Campaign Starts Up in November

Existing members will be receiving invoices for 2013 dues, starting in November.  We like to get this rolling so we know who we can count on to join B.O.O.T.!

Election in November for the B.O.O.T. Board of Directors. 

You will be receiving the form to nominate shortly.  Election to take place November.

Staff news:

Kirsty Wimbish, our office manager has gone on maternity leave.  Baby Colin is due any day now!  Carole is trying to keep up with everything and is very glad that October is drawing to a close as it has been “non stop” since April.  If anyone would like to volunteer in the office, give her a call.  There will be lots of things to accomplish in the next few months to start all of the events for 2013.

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