Vote for Wild Bil!!

The race is on! Clovis turns 100 next year and a Centennial Constable will be elected on December 1st ro reign over the events!
Here is how the election will work. The Business Organization of Old Town strong-armed Bill Shipley of Scoops, Soups & More to represent Old Town. Each candidate needs to raise money, $1 = 1 vote. Wyld Bil, as he is known around town, is running an admirable campaign! However, since we don’t know how any of the other candidates are doing and any one of them could take over the race, its important to support Bill in his quest.

Each dollar Bill raises represents a vote. One-half of all proceeds raised by Bill will stay in Old Town Clovis with B.O.O.T. and go towards marketing and promoting Old Town. The other half will be given to the Centennial Foundation to help cover the costs of the celebrations. For example, if Bill raises $5000, $2500 goes to marketing B.O.O.T. and $2500 goes to the Centennial Foundation.

Come on down to Scoops, Soups & More to vote for Bill and receive a decorated cookie for each vote!

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