2014 Spring Antiques & Collectibles Fair

The spring Antiques & Collectibles Fair is all set for March 30th! We have some new dealers and of course, our regulars coming to Old Town and we look forward to a beautiful day with lots of treasures. Rain or shine the show will go on!

This is the first of four of this type of show we will host in Old Town this year. Two are Antiques and Collectibles (March 30 & September 28) and two are “Glorious Junk Days” (May 25 & October 19) . . . .the guidelines for Glorious Junk Days are more “relaxed” as we accept dealers with flea market finds, repurposed items, “shabby chic” and newer items than the traditional Antiques & Collectibles Fairs. The price for all four shows is the same: $80 for a small booth, $105 for a large space. Application forms can be found on our website.

In addition to hours of shopping, our food vendors will be there to serve you! We’ll have something for everyone . . . hamburgers & corndogs, pizza, Mexican food, tri-tip sandwiches, kettle corn and shave ice! Many of Old Town’s stores and restaurants will be open as well.

One of the best features of this event is the free appraisals offered by Kathy Osterberg-Sobelman starting at 9am to 11am and from 1pm to 3pm. Kathy is located in the Information Booth, located near 433 Pollasky Avenue. Bring your one item for a free appraisal! This is a great opportunity to have an item you value checked out to see if it has “worth” beyond a sentimental value! Kathy is a walking encyclopedia and she will tell you the history of your item. Don’t miss this great experience!

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