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If you ask people what business they’d like to see come to Old Town Clovis, a yarn shop might not be the first to come to mind, but if you like to knit it sure would!  I stood in the newest shop on Pollasky and watched a constant stream of folks coming in!  If you like to knit, want to learn to knit, or just love looking at beautiful yarns and think of all the things you could knit, like me, this is the place to be!

Micheline Golden had been thinking of opening her own yarn shop for the past seven years and the timing just seemed right.  And she chose Old Town because of the atmosphere, potential for walk-in traffic, and the need for a yarn shop in Clovis!

Knitting since she was four years old, Micheline was taught by a lifelong Clovis resident, a friend of the family, and knitting is her passion and hobby!  But Micheline is a career gal!  The newest owner of a business on Pollasky has had a long career of marketing and public relations.  Most recently with Children’s Hospital as a Public Relations Officer and prior to that, in the same capacity, with Fresno County and our very own City of Clovis Police Department.  Now she’s marketing her own business and doing it very well!

With social media, the Internet and trade journals, Micheline developed a following for her business before it even opened.  She is on Twitter and Facebook—in fact she gave me a tidbit that I’d like to pass on . . . Facebook is a place to create conversations, it’s not static, stand-alone “tweets.”  Creating “conversations” is the challenge.  She posted photos of two store mannequins on her FB page and created a contest to name them!  Hence Myrtle and Pearl!

One of the many ideas being spun is to showcase local artisans:  a yarn made by a Sanger artisan; dyed roving fiber to spin into yarn by Anzula who ships all over the US and Canada but is located here in the Valley, Jordan Paige Knitting Bags, while not from the Valley, with a great story too long to be told here.  The Knit Addiction has a line of knitting needles, by Knit Pick, which have been available on line and now for the first time in stores and Micheline has the line—interchangeables, both the Harmony Wood and the Options Nickel.  Ashford wooden spinners and coming soon:  looms!  And did I mention great displays of colorful yarns!?  Beautiful yarns from Rowan, Nashua, Gedifra, Regia, Kertzer, Done Roving Farms, Jojoland to name a few.

Check for more information about events and classes—-and Knitters Anonymous—-evenings in front of the store provide a time to bring your project and knit, make friends, get advice and instruction—–check for times and dates at knit-addiction on my shopify and

Drop by to meet one of our newest merchants and welcome Micheline and Ray Golden to Old Town!

You will find The Knit Addiction at 421-1/2 Pollasky, & on Facebook and Twitter!  And soon they will be moving to their new space next to the Educational Employees Credit Union.

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    1. Hi Suzanne! The Knit Addiction no longer has a shop in Old Town Clovis, sadly. They have an on line shop which I took a quick look at, and it doesn’t look like they have any yarn bowls. Sorry! I’ve seen some nice ones on Etsy though for reasonable prices!

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