Year-Round Farmers Market

Many of you have requested that Old Town Clovis host a year-round Farmers Market and your requests have been heard! Starting this Saturday, October 26, 2013, Old Town will be hosting a Year-Round Farmers Market from 7 am to 11 am in the Old DMV Parking Lot at Bullard and Pollasky Ave.

The Year-Round Farmers Market will differ slightly from Old Town’s Seasonal (May through September) Farmers Market. The Seasonal Market is known for its high energy, social atmosphere – it is THE place to be on a Friday night. The Year- Round Farmers Market is an early morning stopping point, bringing the people of Clovis fresh, local and seasonal produce in a quick and easy fashion.

The Year-Round Market will feature certified growers only. We have handpicked some of the best growers in the Central Valley to be a part of this market. We will be starting small, with about ten growers. However, we will have room to grow in the Old DMV Parking Lot if necessary. Tom Shasky of Shasky Farms has agreed to step in and manage the year-round market for B.O.O.T. and we know he will do a great job!

For more information about this event feel free to call the B.O.O.T. office at (559) 298-5774.

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