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For over 20 years there has been a music store in Old Town Clovis – starting out as Clovis Music Center and transitioning to Gottschalk Music Center in 2007. Jeremy Bergmann has been working in the store since the beginning, first as a Sales Rep under his parent’s ownership, and later when John Gottschalk purchased the shop he transitioned to Store Manager.

Through its years in Old Town Clovis, Gottschalk music has emerged as a leader in supplying Band Programs in local schools with brass and woodwind instruments. Jeremy reported that they were the largest sheet music supplier in Fresno, as named by the Fresno Bee in 2013. They recently received a contract with Fresno Unified to provide over 11,000 music instruction books to participating band students! How do they do it? Jeremy stated that because Gottschalk’s was a two store family chain they had “bigger buying power” and were able to keep their prices down well below the “big box stores”. Their prices are so low that they aren’t allowed to actually advertise them!

In February Gottschalk’s is celebrating “Fenduary” with all their Fender guitars on sale! They have acoustic packages for under $100 and electric packages well under $200! There are also special order discounts available.

2013 has started out the best ever for Gottschalk’s, per Jeremy. Their January sales have been the best they’ve ever had! Business is doing really good and Jeremy is looking forward to the event season starting in Old Town. “Events are great because they bring new people into the store,” he stated. He has plans for the 2013 Farmers Market season to help draw even more people in, with music in the store and a special sales table out front. He would also like to bring a band onto the Northern part of Pollasky Avenue during the Wine Walks to help attract the attention of more customers to that area. He let us know that “sales were great” on Wine Walk days!

Old Town Clovis, and Gottschalk’s Music Center, is lucky to have Jeremy around to help us with all of our musical needs! He is a wealth of knowledge on all things instrument related, and a creative force in our town.

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  1. Thank you for the nice article about the store. It has been great being a part of Old Town Clovis the past six years. I hope that Jeremy and the store will be a part of this community for many years to come!

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